Love on the Rocks with the Fuji X pro 1


So it appears the honeymoon period is final over for the Fuji X pro 1  and I as recently I’ve been having more downs than ups with this camera and I find myself using my Canon EOS 6D more and more, mainly due to it supporting tethered shooting and my love of the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L macro lens which is perfect for portraits.

Our biggest spat to date came when after only two years of use the  mount assembly completely died on me without rhyme or reason, rendering it unusable, though eventually Fuji did repair this due to me having to quote the  Sales of goods acts 1979

So after getting the camera back from repair I thought I’d give it another whirl for old times sake and see if I could reignite the passion I once had for this petite but powerful camera.

My chosen subject for this liaison was my good friend actress and model Alison Cain Williams. Alison turns 40 this year (believe it or not ) and we though it would be great to commemorate this and show how beauty is not defined by age.

In much of the same ilk as the images I took in Paris, I wanted to keep it quiet raw and stripped back only relying on the ambient light. So here’s some of the images we came up with with a little help from both the 35mm & 60mm Fujinon lens and from  Elena Diaz and her hair and make up skills:



All post production done in Adobe Lightroom 4


So despite all my recent set backs with the X pro 1 I have to admit to still having  a slight soft spot for this particular camera., but maybe it’s just nostalgia… the image quality and ISO performance does seem to make all it’s little hiccups somewhat forgivable. The only real beefs are with it’s stability and build (the mount assembly should never have died like that) and the AF which is still sluggish (especially when using the 60mm macro lens) despite all the firmware updates..

However I hear on the grapevine  that the  Fuji X -T1 excels where the X pro 1 one falls short  Not only has the AF improved (supposedly)  it’s body has a milled magnesium top cover that is also weather sealed and most importantly the Fuji X T1 has a Wifi feature and supports tethered shooting, something I have be bugging fuji about for ages. So maybe it’s time I ended my love affair with the Fuji X pro 1 and moved on to bigger and better things….


To be continued….






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Posted: February 4, 2015


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