Hope is finally here!

Hope By Michelle George

I can finally announce that Sam Womack/Janus will be starring alongside her husband Mark Womack in the title role of Hope at the Liverpool Royal Court theater this coming March. This will be the first time the couple have worked together since they originally met on the set of Liverpool 1 back in 1998.

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Samantha’s Husbank Mark Womack

As I mentioned in my previous blog I am extremely excited about being a part of this project (written and directed by  the multi talented Scot Williams) even more so now that Sam has been cast as Hope. Samantha is not only a great actress (most notably known for her role as Ronnie Mitchell in Eastenders) but she is also blessed with supermodel good looks and cheek bones that could put Kate Moss to shame….I loved working with Sam, she’s intelligent, funny and it’s virtually impossible to take a bad photograph of her. I was however faced with one challenge – that of turning Sam from a blond bombshell into a foxy redhead, though I hear on the grapevine that she actually will dye it red once the play starts, but for now I had to rely on the wonders of photoshop. See the results below:


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Samantha Womack as HOPE

Here is the link to ITV This Morning clip with Mark and Samantha Womack talking about “Hope”


NORM is an aspiring author suffering from chronic writers block.

GUY is his meddling room mate and constant thorn in his side.

HOPE is their foxy lodger who teases them with a secret.

And VICTOR is the slippery snake who slithers his way into their World.

Set in Blundell Sands Liverpool, HOPE is a darkly comical Love Story about a Normal

Guy who just wants to win Hope and be the Victor.

“A mesmerizing play. By turns, deeply intelligent, funny and disturbing”

– Reece Shearsmith / Psychoville

“I think it’s great”

– David Morrissey / The Walking Dead

“It’s very, very good. A breath of fresh air. It’s going to be fantastic”

– Maxine Peake / Silk

“I really enjoyed the play. I think it’s some of Scot’s best writing”

– Ian Hart / Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

“It’s brilliant and so refreshing. The characters are wonderful. The idea is even more wonderful!”

– Tony Maudsley / Benidorm

“Really enjoyed it, think its great, very emotive funny and real. I laughed out loud!

– Dean Lennox Kelly / Shameless

“I HOPE to see it in the West End Very Soon”

– Stephen Fry

Written and Directed By……Scot Williams

Starring…………………..Mark Womack, Rene Zagger, Scot Williams and Samantha Womack

Associate Director………..Alexandra Spencer-Jones

Designed By………………Carmen De Lemos

Original Music By….……….Tom E. Morrison

Photography By………….Michelle George

Produced By………………Eric Woollard White & Scot Williams For Thirty7 Productions


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Posted: January 17, 2013


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