Hope is coming

Hope is coming

This weekend is the official launch of the theater production ‘Hope,’ a darkly comic psychological thriller starring some of Britain’s finest actors: Scot Williams (from the Crew, who also produced and wrote the play)   Mark Womack (from the BBC drama Good Cop)  and René Zagger (from the Bill) . The title role of ‘Hope,’ however, shall remain a mystery up until it’s world premier at the Liverpool Royal Court Theater in March 2013.

I very rarely get this excited about a commissioned project but after reading the script I was literally bursting with excitement. I am a great lover of the cinema and theater, as some of you might already know and the script to this play is extremely well written and dynamic with a plot that is highly intriguing yet very humorous in parts. Due to this I was then posed with the task of how to create a poster that embodied all these elements: suspense, intrigue and humor but without giving to much of the game away and also in keeping the title role of Hope and mystery.  Hmmm challenging you might think, well yes! But after many discussions with Scot we finally came up with the poster you see above…I’ve already had my mum and dad arguing over whether this is a thriller or comedy so it would appear all those boxes have been ticked:)

It’s now been only one day  and ‘Hope’ has already created quite a stir with even Stephen Fry  tweeting about it to his 5 million follows. Watch this space people; Hope is coming…..

Hope’s 30 ft billboard as it goes up outside the City’s Royal Court Theater


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Hope Credits

Producers: (For Thirty7 productions)  Eric Woodlard-White, Scot Williams

Director: Scot Williams

Associate Director: Alexandre Spencer Jones

Designer: Carmen De Lemos

Music: Tom E Morrison

Stills Photographer: Michelle George

The Cast: Mark Womack, Rene Zagger, Scot Williams



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Posted: December 8, 2012


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